SS. Peter and Paul School

# of K-8 Students
1                    $4,600 
2                    $8,300 
3                  $11,300 
4                  $13,100 

# of K-8 Students

*Documentation required from Parish to receive subsidy rate

2  Full Days   $2,900
3  Full Days   $3,400
5  Full Days   $4,300
2  Half Days   $2,050
3  Half Days   $2,650
5  Half Days   $3,350
School / Technology  / Book Fee: $425
8th Grade Graduation Fee:  $100                 

Tuition payment options are outlined in the tuition contract. This does not cover field trips, athletic programs, Before/After School or after school activities.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available in the form of scholarships.  SS. Peter and Paul School provides several scholarships during the course of the year as they become available.  This information is communicated by email, and it is posted on our website and/or Facebook page.  Parents will be required to fill out scholarship application forms and provide financial information.  Scholarship money will be granted on the basis of financial need, student performance and parental involvement.




















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