Recycling/Small Programs Committee

As you may be aware, the school collects Box Tops, Campbell Soup Labels and other items for cash back incentives for the school.  Ink Cartridges and bottles/cans collection is another great Green initiative. 

Additionally, there are many companies and clubs that offer great deals for parents.  Some examples are: Costco, BJs, Waterbury Republican & Joe’s Java etc. 

The idea of this committee is to communicate all the programs easily so parents do not feel overwhelmed by too many programs.  These programs save parents money while making a few bucks for the school. 

Click here for more information on Box Tops for Education, Labels for Education, printer cartridge recyling and other programs.

If interested in helping c

Mira LeVasseur      203-525-9151

Catherine Ursini     203-574-0116