It was great to see so many people at the Fall Festival.  Everyone was having a wonderful time.  The inflated slide was a big hit, so were the food and the haunted house. Someone convinced me to go into the Haunted House, which I reluctantly agreed to.  I was impressed by how professional the scary items in the Haunted House were.  To my surprise, Mr. Doyle was jumping out and scaring everyone just as we thought we were safe!  I was also enlisted to be the judge of the decorated auto trunk contest.  I can honestly say that there were five or six that could have won first prize, but I could only choose one.

The eighth grade ziti dinner will be on Election Day at 5:00 P.M.  Please try to support the eighth graders.  They put a lot of work into this, and they need to make money to help pay for graduation expenses.  Also, it is very important to help out the Home and School Association in any way you can.

Teachers will continue to work on the self-study for accreditation.  We will be visited by NEASC representatives in the spring of 2018.  Accreditation is extremely important to the school, and it is important that we stick to our timetable, so we don’t have too much to do near the end.

I am sorry that the school family has had to go through so much anxiety regarding what has been written in the papers.  SS. Peter and Paul School has a healthy enrollment and is in good shape financially.  I have seen evidence of this, and I have heard the same thing from everyone who is watching school finances.  I am doing my best to keep spending down to a minimum.  It is very important to try to pay tuition on time, so we can continue to meet our expenses.

I cannot discuss any details related to what is going on related to the Catholic schools in Waterbury, primarily because I really do not know anything that isn’t common knowledge already.  I would like to share some general thoughts with you related to this topic though. As educators, it is our duty to put teaching first.  We cannot become distracted by what is going on around us politically. Otherwise, we will falter in our duties.  As ministers of the faith, it is essential that we teach Gospel values and live out Gospel teachings at all times.  If we falter, we compromise the covenant that has been made with us to be ministers of the faith.  God has given his teachers special gifts, and I have always believed that teachers of the faith have a special relationship with God.  Therefore, regardless of what is going on around us, we must continue to teach and serve God as best we can.   As we all know, Catholic schools provide a refuge for many, including many non-Catholics.  In addition, it is always difficult serving others when there are limited resources.  Working with limited resources usually leads to conflict, sometimes serious conflict.  We cannot allow ourselves and our work to be compromised by this, otherwise we will fail to meet the needs of those we have been entrusted to serve. 

Mr. Gambardella