Milestones of Mrs. Janet Curry at SS. Peter and Paul School

·         Became an 8th grade teacher, when SSPP had two 8th grades.  Phyllis  Decheine was the principal.

·         Began grade 8th signature shirt tradition

·         Taught 5th grade

·         Taught kindergarten

·         Became Vice-principal, under Ellen Mary Lynch, principal

·         Became principal

·         Development office created

·         Crisis Management Plan written

·         Student government created

·         Security system improvements

·         Controlled entry installed

·         First NEASC accreditation visit

·         Science lab completed

·         New sound system installed in gym

·         Began morning prayer  in the gym

·         Began Christmas performances in the church 

·         Teachers visited Boston NCEA convention

·         First computer lab created with Windows 95 and dial-up Internet

·         Improved computer lab created with enough computers for an entire class with Ethernet

·         Wireless installed in building

·         Wireless system expanded and improved

·         Pre-K begun

·         Second NEASC accreditation visit

·         Merger with St. Francis Xavier School

·         New gym floor installed

·         Chromebook lab created

·         Laser printers installed in building

·         Long-term substitute for Mrs. Foti who was on maternity leave

·         Served on the SS. Peter and Paul School Board