Library and Media 

The SS. Peter and Paul School library serves all of our K-8 students.  

All students attend library classes once a week for 40 minutes.  Students may borrow books or work on classroom assignments in the Chromebook lab.  Students use Chromebooks to do research and write papers.  The librarian has activities planned for each class every week or is provided with a plan from the classroom teacher. 

Each student has a Google for Education account.  Students are provided with a school email address, including a user name and password.  Students have their own Google Drive and have access to Google Docs and other software. Students have the ability to share their work with their teachers or with other students.  Their teachers have the ability to print student documents that have been shared or emailed to them on our color laser printers.

SS. Peter and Paul School is equipped with high-speed Internet and wireless networking throughout the entire building. Each teacher is provided with a laptop,  Chromebook,  iPad, Smartboard, projector and speakers.  Some teachers also have Mac computers and printers in their rooms.  Technology is integrated into the classroom in every subject in every grade.

The school is continually accumulating and updating is technology equipment.  Much of the equipment come to us though grant purchases from the City of Waterbury.