Welcome to Miss Sabelli’s Fifth Grade!

Each student is required to complete a Math packet

and Reading Assignment. Students are required to read Island of the Blue

Dolphins by Scott O'Dell and complete the book jacket assignment.

 There are two other books to read and complete the reading logs:

Bunnicula: A Rabbit Tale of Mystery by Deborah and James Howe and Dear Mr.

Henshaw by Beverly Cleary.

Grade 5 Supply list

·         pencil case

·         highlighter

·         2 packs blue or black pens

·         box of crayons

·          2 erasers

·          Scissors

·         fifty #2 pencils

·         3 folders

·          3 boxes of tissues

·          1 package of wipes

·         3 packs of looseleaf paper

·         Protractor

·          5 single notebooks or a 5 subject notebook

·         one pack of copy papers

·         Sketch pad

·          set of watercolor paints withpaint brush

·          Glue stick or bottle