SS. Peter and Paul School

SS. Peter and Paul Faculty and Staff

Pastor, Rev. John L. Lavorgna

Ms. Kate Boisvert, Before-after school 

Mr. James Benjamin, Custodian

Mrs. Christina Brown, Pre-K,, Web Page

Mr. Bart Cammarasana, Physical education

Mrs. Teri Conway, Library, Pre-K,, Web Page  

Ms. Devino, Grade 1, bree.devino@ssppwtby.comWeb Page  

Mr. James Doyle, Grade 6,  james.doyle@ssppwtby.comWeb Page 

Mrs. Kate Foti, Grade 7,  kate.foti@ssppwtby.comWeb Page

Mrs. Denise Gertz, Grade 2, denise.gertz@ssppwtby.comWeb Page

Mrs. Mary Grimshaw, Grade 4, mary.grimshaw@ssppwtby.comWeb Page

Mr. Crispin Hernandez, Custodian

Mrs. Madlen Kurutan, Business,

Mrs. Barbara LaChance, Grade 3,  barbara.lachance@ssppwtby.comWeb Page 

Mrs. Kay Mancinone, Lunch aide, Before-after school 

Ms. Margaret McAndrew, Grade 8, ,   Web Page   Grade 8 Supply List

Mrs. Paula Ogurick, Advanced Math Grades 7 and 8, Spanish Grade 8, paula.ogurick@ssppwtby.comWeb Page 

Miss Shawna Oleyar, Kindergarten, shawna.oleyar@ssppwtby.comWeb Page

Ms. Krista Phelan / Wright, Nurse

Mrs. Gerilynn Reilly, Secretary 

Ms. Laura Tremaglio, Grade 5, tremagliol@ssppwtby.comWeb Page

Mrs. Alicia Turner, Lunch director


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