Dear SS. Peter and Paul families,

     We are nearing the end of the second trimester, and it seems as though the year is flying by. The term closes on March 8th, and report cards will be distributed on March 13th. I have been checking student progress reports. It seems as though most of our students are studying hard and are getting very good grades. I am very proud of our well-mannered students. They are a credit to the school and a pleasure to be with during the day. I am also very appreciative of all of the parents who have volunteered to help out during lunch, with sporting events, dances, fundraisers and more. Student, parent and staff involvement promise to make SS. Peter and Paul School a vibrant learning institution into the future.
     Teachers are planning special lessons and prayer services during Lent. Teachers have been planning Stations of the Cross prayer services, especially. Father Lavorgna will be hearing confessions during Lent also.
     The staff is working hard preparing for our NEASC accreditation visit. This visit will take place from April 29th to May 2nd. Six teachers and/or principals will be here to evaluate the school. They will be making both commendations and recommendations as to how we can make SS. Peter and Paul School even better.
     Last year, our school made some significant gains regarding standardized test scores. MaryJane Morrissey has been working with the teachers all year providing guidance in trying to achieve greater strides for this year. Nothing can replace student effort during the actual testing period though. The Iowa and Cognitive Abilities Tests will be given in late April and early May. Grades 5 and 8 will also be taking ACRE religion assessment tests this month. Teachers have also been teaching the Family Life program and administering the Lures program.
     The City of Waterbury is providing our school with 14 new Chromebooks. This should give us a total of around 75 for the school. It will now be possible to have one stationary Chromebook lab and another mobile lab for any class to use. Teachers in SS. Peter and Paul School have abundant technology tools. All classrooms have Chromebooks, iPads, Macs, laptops, SmartBoards, and more.
      We are continuing basic school maintenance improvements. I have done some painting in the middle grades over the winter. We plan to make some improvements in the basement area over the next few weeks.
     Thank you to all parents and staff who have helped out with fundraising activities. SS. Peter and Paul School has benefited immeasurably from all of your support over the years. We are always in need of qualified school board members. If you have some extra time and are able to use your expertise to benefit the school, please contact me.
      Please check the calendar on our website. Another Open House is in the planning stages. We are trying to come up with a date and a schedule of events. Parents are always welcome to greet people, give tours, provide refreshments or even cook. There are many activities planned for March including the Easter Breakfast and the Knights of Columbus Spelling Bee. School will be in session for most of Holy Week. Teachers will be planning religious activities during the week including the Seder Meal. Please try to attend church services during Holy Week.
      You may have noticed that S.S.P.P. has quite a lot going on in the social media. Don’t be afraid to make a nice comment about the school when you get a chance.

May God bless you,

Mr. Gambardella

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